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A request from the trainspots team
Dear 'fotters' and fellow enthusiasts.

To aid with the expansion of the Trainspots websites, and a new feature for the coming months, we are looking for more images. There is no need for a full location write up. All that is required is a few words and a picture which:

  • Gives a clear view of the location as opposed to a tight shot of just a locomotive or unit.
  • Contains all the original exif information intact (date/time/lens etc)
  • A caption information about the image.
  • Some information as to where the image was taken (images will be geo-tagged, although if they arrive geo-tagged that will be fine.)

    Obscure locations, quiet unit only branch lines or main lines all areas are of interest and even locations outside the uk are welcomed.
  • How will it be used
    A new map, based on a google mapset and using a dedicated panoramio site, will show both the full Trainspots pages and the new geo located reference images as shown in the example below:

    geo map example
    Geo Tagging workflow
    In order to assist with the speedy upload of images, and to help develop a workflow for photographers to geo tag and label their images we have created these geo tagging workflow pages.
    How to get involved
    If you are interested in helping, for more information, or any questions, or just send your images to:

    ts mail

    that is geo at the trainspots net domain,

    Many thanks in advance,