What is Trainspots
Trainspots is the hub of a web network. We are here to help the railway photographer.
The idea behind the site is to answer the question - "That is a nice shot, where was it taken?" By providing a link from your web page to the relevant page at trainspots a person can find out all the information they might need. As the network develops we can amass more information about each location and build a valuable resource for us all. All it needs is your input.
How does it work
Without your help IT DOES NOT. Whilst we would all like to think that we know all the good places to take photographs in the UK, there will always be someone else that knows a better place. Contributions are key to the sites information, local knowledge is a vital component. Please help by submitting your information to the web site and help us build a resource for all photographers country wide.
Images on this site
The pictures on this site are not intended to be high quality images at large resolution. From the outset the picture width will be set to 500 pixels wide with a file size of 10-15kb. This will allow for speedy loading of the page. The quality pictures will be found by clicking the links on the page to another web site.
This site is intended to be a photographers resource when planning trips away for their normal locations. This may be to photograph a steam special or perhaps just to catch the day to day workings in the area.
Contribute to the site
Without your contributions to the site will not work.
There is a link to submitt information on each Trainspots location page.
Linking to and from trainspots
Links out
Each location has a link to the individual writers and update authors (where applicable) personal web pages and a number of links out to websites containing pictures from that location.

Links in
The idea is to have links to the trainspots location page on your website, in your newsgroup posting or on your e-mail. Viewers will have seen your picture and wondered "where is that location?". The trainspots link will take them to all the information they need. On the page will be a link back to websites that feature this location along with full credit to the contributor(s) who supplied information for the page.
The link looks like this:-

0 - Location Information

Clicking on the text or picture will take the viewer to the correct page on the trainspots site.

If you don't want to put a logo on your pages then it is just as easy to include a reference to the location number - i.e. Location 0 at www.trainspots.co.uk. It's your site after all.

There are a number of different sized logos. Click here to download

Over time the network of sites will develop allowing people to plan photographic trips around the country with trainspots as the hub.
Credits and Thanks
There are a few of people who have inspired and assisted me in the creation of this site (in no particular order):-

Ewan Tait - co-ordinator of the scot-rail yahoo group
Thanks for your random thoughts, comments and suggestions that
a) pushed me into the viper nest of php and css, it is a steep curve to learn all the things you suggested. But I will get there, if you stop learning then it is no fun.
b) showing me that Internet Explorer is not the only browser out there... Go Mozilla!

"Get the backend sorted...."

Vince - designer of OTPnet
I was going to move to php after a while and your site was the original inspiration to learn the language.

Alan of 2020media

For hosting the site and letting me fiddle whilst I learn.

Sean McManus - Author of "Small Business Websites that work"
Thanks for putting up with all the e-mails questions and all the other irritations. Helping me with stylesheets and web compatibility. Spending many evenings listening to me rabbit on and on, and for the hot chocolate. I am many marshmallows in your debt.

John Turner of 53A Models - Hull
For being the first to contribute some locations and photographs and therefore helping me to get started.

and finally

Mum, Dad, P and J.
Without them I wouldn't be here and I certainly wouldn't be having fun.

Enjoy the site

Marcus Dawson
Editor - Trainspots.net

Legal Information
This site has been created to assist railway photographers in their travels around the country. It is based on the personal experiences of others. No liability can be held against the web site or its contributions for incorrect information. Trainspots will endeavour to check all information and corrections will be accepted and posted accordingly

Trainspots DOES NOT condone trespass and none of the information on this site should be taken as a right to trespass. All the locations contained on the site are located off of railway line side property (this obviously does not include stations). To the best of our information all locations are public access areas, where they are not contact information will be given to the appropriate authority for permission to be obtained.

The content of this site is created and intended for all age ranges but the content of sites linked from this site are not subject to the same intentions. Trainspots will attempt to check links for validity but as time passes and the site grows this will not always be possible. Broken, or indeed updates to, links should be submitted to the webmaster for inclusion in the updates.

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