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Locations Notes
A brief synopis of the local area. For example, where abouts in the country is this location? Where is the nearest city? What line is this location on?

Railway Type and Traffic
Information about what you would usually expect to see running along the line. Also a guide to the type of railway i.e. branch line, main line, freight line, light rail or tramway, etc.
Feel free to paste in a link to a Realtime Trains page that shows the traffic through the location.
Information about where you will find yourself...
What sort of place are you going to? Is it open fields or an inner city location? Will you get mugged after dark. Are you going near areas where you may disturb farm animals? Are you far from any form of shelter?

Road Directions
We now have automated google maps driving directions. These will navigate you, as best the can, to the co-ordinates provided on the map at the top of the page. But is there anything useful to know about the local roads, speed cameras, odd road turnings, something obvious to look out for that will not be in the automatic information?
Can you leave your car in the vicinity? What's the place like to leave your car?

Public Transport
Not everyone has a car... so how can people get to this location by public transport? There are automatic directions generated based on the map co-ordinates provided but any local knowlege will be helpful, like getting off at a different stop or looking out for the landmark.

Are there any toilets in the area...? What about something to eat...? Is there a chip shop nearby, or any other local facilities that can be easily reached from this location.

Is there a specific hotel or B&B that someone could stay at? Feel free to include a link to the hotel's website. But only fill this out if there is a specific place in mind, saying a large place will probably have a B&B will not help. We can always search for it if you don't know.

Where on the map
Let us know any additional map information on top of the co-ordinated provided in the map above.
Find you location on either streetmap, multimap or Google Maps and copy and paste the url into the box below. Alternatively, you know the grid reference, you can use that instead.

Photographic Notes
So you're there...
When is the light good or bad...?
Does the sun prohibit angles during the day...?
Can you only shoot trains travelling in one direction...?
Any suggestions on the best angles for taking pics?
Other comments?

And don't forget about those videographers?

Links to photographs at this location
Know of any photos on the web that have been taken at this Trainspot? If so, include the addresses in the fields below. You can include up to three links.

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