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Embedd visual copyright text
If you wish to place a visual copyright notice the preference is to place the text in the bottom left of the screen, this will tie in with the other images on the site.

Using Photoshop: Create 3 new guides by selecting: View - New Guide and then create:
  • one at 5% vertically,
  • one at 95% horizontally,
  • one at 92% horizontally.

    The guides are laid out by percentages rather than pixels to allow for all the different size images. If you have a 6mega pixel image or a 21mp image the text will still occupy the same area in lower corner of the screen.

    The image site, such as Panoramio will display a standard size image and then make a larger image available if requested.

    photoshop screenshot 1

    Then using the Arial font make your text fit between the new guide lines.

    photoshop screenshot 2

    Then for an original copyright notice enter the text to your preference.